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Have you been considering adding new services to drive profitable growth and add value?

COSi is partnering with a select number of progressive accounting firms that are committed to helping there small and mid-market clients prosper. COSi provides select accounting firms with a plug-and-play program designed to generate organic growth in a very competitive environment.

This practical educational program will position your accounting firm as a trusted advisor and thought leader with small and mid-market clients. Hundreds of businesses from a wide array of industries have successfully completed and implemented the COSi program. Many of these graduates will tell you that this program either saved or transformed their companies and greatly improved the quality of their personal lives.

Benefits of partnering with COSi:

  • Generates organic growth with current clients
  • Provides incremental service opportunities through deeper insights into client operations
  • Creates a competitive advantage for new client acquisition
  • Generates greater loyalty, retention and referrals through increased client engagement
  • Positions your firm as a strong advocate of small and mid-market businesses

Why businesses enroll in COSi:

  • Sustainability – To continue to grow companies’ top and bottom lines over the long run
  • Under Performance – To learn and implement powerful business tools to turn a company and its culture around
  • Exit Strategy – To maximize the valuation of a company prior to selling
  • Winning Culture – To engage employees and develop an energized, creative and driven culture (this is the core of the COSi program, and when it happens, great things happen throughout the organization)
  • Contract Awards – Procurement departments of large corporations encourage their suppliers to attend COSi workshops and enroll in the program to greatly improve their performance. Graduating companies are strongly considered for larger contract awards

Turnkey Plug and Play Program

COSi provides select accounting firms:

  • 12 fully-developed classroom presentations
  • Experienced instructors and coaches
  • Weekly coaching sessions (2hrs each)
  • All reference materials, including workbooks, handouts and SOPs
  • A comprehensive workshop marketing program, including a detailed planning timeline, all customer touch points and online registration capabilities

Revenue sharing program

CPA/COSI Breakfast Workshops

The program begins by inviting the firm’s current and prospective clients to attend impactful two-hour breakfast workshops. Attendees will learn immediately applicable techniques to ignite their employees’ creativity and engagement levels and improve problem-solving skills to grow sales and profitability. In addition to learning many new and powerful tools, attendees will have the opportunity to network among other professionals.


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