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Our Coaches

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While diverse in background, all of our COSi coaches have senior-level management experience, advanced business degrees and a passion for supporting entrepreneurs. They inspire, coach and challenge entrepreneurs and their teams to reach for their dreams. They’re a key-ingredient in the COSi program.


John Mautner

John loves starting and growing businesses. His strategies and principles have led him to build successful companies over the past 20+ years. Inc. Magazine named his first business that he started at 26 an INC. 500 winner and one of America’s fastest growing companies. John has become an in-demand speaker and coach to entrepreneurs and business owners across America and beyond because he knows what it takes to build a profitable high growth company. In 2001, John founded the Cycle of Success Institute (COSi): a business coaching program that teaches small and mid-sized companies how to grow faster by engaging and energizing people to innovate and continually improve. COSi helps grow businesses that grow communities. Companies nationwide have graduated from the COSi program, and graduates are driving profitable growth faster.

Scott McNerney

Scott has spent his career starting and growing small businesses. He believes that small to mid-size businesses are the main drivers of the US economy, and he’s passionate in his desire for all business owners to succeed. McNerney spends his spare time water-skiing with family and friends and has a degree in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley.

Frank Lind

Frank has a passion for innovation, marketing, technology and business strategy. He believes that hard work, a good sense of humor, creativity and cross-collaboration are essential to achieve excellence and keep competitive in a constantly changing world. He serves as a member of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce and is an active Board of Director for LeTip International in Boca Raton, Florida.

Greg Huebner

Greg has over 20 years of experience in strategic alliances, growth development, new channel development, advertising, promotions, new products, brand building, positioning, business, brand and product turnaround.

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