Our Company

Transforming small companies into profitable, innovative businesses

Our Mission

Our mission is to successfully educate, coach, and transform small and mid-market companies into profitable, innovative, high-growth businesses that fuel job creation and wealth.

Our History

COSi was founded in 2001 with the vision of providing entrepreneurs with a fresh “real-world” approach to business education. While there has been no shortage of business schools offering degrees, COSi’s unique curriculum was specifically developed to have an immediate positive impact on the performance of the entrepreneur’s organization.

Our Students

While our students come from a broad array of industries, they are, first and foremost, entrepreneurs who manage companies employing a minimum of 10 people. They are all passionate about their businesses, and are progressive thinkers who are open to new ideas. And while they each have a dream and a vision, most face daily challenges that prevent them from reaching their goals.

Our Founder

John Mautner, the founder of Cycle-of-Success Institute, is a seasoned entrepreneur who has launched and built four successful companies in the past 20 years. Inc. Magazine named his first business as one of America’s 500 fastest growing companies.

In 2001, John founded COSi with the intention of providing small and mid-sized businesses with a practical business education program. Since then, COSi has educated and coached thousands of graduates in the Midwest.

As a sign of appreciation for all that COSi has accomplished to grow businesses that grow communities, Governor Pat Quinn named March 16th “COSi Day” in the state of Illinois.

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