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TESTIMONIALS from COSi graduates

COSi taught our team a straightforward and very effective approach to improving sales growth and profit margins by engaging our people. We have lowered our operating costs, have boosted employee attitude, and developed a much more efficient operation as a result.

Alan Cohen
Aaron Equipment

I was very skeptical about accepting any outside assistance due to prior negative experiences with consultants. We grew our bottom line by over $650,000 within the first 12 months of implementing the COSi real-world educational program.

Mark Levit

The Cycle-of-Success Institute has made major contributions to the Freedman Seating Company. As a result of COSi, we have engaged our people at all levels to identify and resolve many costly operational issues. Our company culture has improved and COSi has given us the tools for continuous development.

Craig Freedman
Freedman Seating

We decided to enroll in the COSi program when our business was expanding rapidly. The program helped us to quickly identify over 100 top and bottom line opportunities. Within a few weeks, employees from all departments were engaged to make significant improvements resulting in an immediate positive impact.

Loretta Rosenmeyer

COSi helped AMS turnaround at a time when our company was challenged by many critical issues. I believe that any business that wants to grow to the next level should go through the COSi program as it helped AMS immensely.

Julie Savitt
AMS Earth Movers

The COSi program helped Trinity Products achieve record sales and profitability in addition to creating a winning culture.

Robert Briggs
Trinity Products

COSi education helped us to engage our people to make improvements to our set-up times, our quality output, and our rework and scrap rates. As a result, we are more profitable and very competitive. I would recommend any company to enroll into the COSi intensive hands-on program.

Dennis Backhaus

Because of the COSi training, we have grown leaps and bounds in the past 3 years. Because of our success, St. James is now preparing to open our 3rd medical school.

Dr. Kallol Guha
Founder and President
St. James School of Medicine

Without COSi education, Century Fasteners would not be in business today.

Gail Glasser
Century Fasteners & Machine Co

COSi engaged our people to make big things happen. I would recommend COSi to any small and mid-sized business owner seeking to take their company to the next level.

Linda Highland
LinJen Promotions

The methodology not only improves sales and profitability but empowers my people to make a very positive impact on a daily basis.

Victoria Rock
Victoria’s Court Reporting

Implementing the COSi program has, for example, streamlined our claims filing processes resulting in increased cash flow. The COSi action team approach has engaged our employees to work together constructively, resulting in improved morale and created better financial results. I would recommend COSi to any business what wants to grow faster.

Brian Cookson
RDP Associates

We have learned how to implement a number of innovative improvements resulting in reduced operating costs, better quotation process and better branding. In addition, we increased bookings and created an outstanding customer experience for our resort hotel and conference center guests.

Hanita Muthray
Nt’ShonaLanga Lodge

COSi is all about harnessing the power within your business, specifically your employees. It is a structured way of identifying key areas needing improvement to drive money to the bottom line, and then tackling them with a common sense approach. The entire team is engaged rather than using traditional “silo” management style, and I find the coaching to be particularly effective.

Kathryn Petty
White Lion Tea Company, Phoenix Az.

The COSi program is about looking at your current company and finding inside the company what will help it be more profitable and working together to get fast results.

Pat Watts
FCI Management, Long Beach Ca.

COSi helps the company come together and everyone can get involved to help change for the best.

Christian Diaz
General Manager
Speedy Gonzalez Construction, Glendale Az.

It’s a process to find out your business’s strengths and weaknesses to maximize profits and allows your employees to work as a team towards that goal.

Peter G. Christman
The Christman Group, Chicago Il.

COSi is a business improvement program. It helps a company identify ways to improve the operation of their business by identifying its challenges, grouping them, selecting those challenges that are very critical to the success of the business, and resolving them with the participation of select members of the company who can help develop and implement solutions.

Linda Stone
23 Hour Medical Staffing, Inc. Diamond Bar, Ca.

COSi helps to bring the employee’s in the company together to provide fresh new ideas and also stimulates creativity and cooperation to drive profitable growth much faster. COSi is a game changing program for us.

Denise Lawien
Trans International, Milwaukee Wi.

I have learned more about how important it is to engage every employee on a regular basis. I see that we now have a more motivated team. People are working well together. I hope to triple revenues over the next three years.

Mary Darling
Darling Geomatics, Tucson, Az.
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