Does your Procurement department have the proper programs in place to drive supplier excellence?

Today’s Procurement and Supplier Development professionals are constantly challenged to manage supplier risk while meeting aggressive purchasing goals. COSi partners with procurement departments seeking to develop or enhance their training programs to improve supplier performance and mitigate risk.

COSi’s Supplier Excellence Program is a 12 month step by step practical education program designed to rapidly improve the performance of small and mid-sized suppliers. It is based on a powerful combination of best management practices and workplace engagement techniques commonly used amongst the most successful companies. The program has proven to be very effective across a wide array of industries.

The COSi program is win-win for the procurement departments and their suppliers. By enrolling into the COSi program, suppliers will transform their companies into creative, innovative, performance driven businesses. They will be in a stronger position to:

  • Meet and exceed capacity expectations
  • Consistently meet or exceed quality standards
  • Deliver on-time
  • Embrace continuous improvement
  • Control and reduce costs
  • Remain financially stable

As a result, procurement departments are motivated to reward these suppliers with larger contracts.