Lunch ‘n’ Learn Workshops

Turn your lunch-break into $1,000,000

Is cashflow tight? Are you reaching your goals? Wish you could win more business?

Building a more profitable business with faster growth in today’s competitive marketplace can be tough. That’s why we created the COSi Lunch and Learn program. This fun, high-impact, 1-hour lunch-and-learn experience will empower your team to grow your company faster than ever before.

Proven over and over to find hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in profitability and sales opportunity hidden in our clients’ businesses, COSi works by empowering your people to uncover key problems and/or valuable ideas and then address those discoveries to move the business forward.

For 1 hour, you and your team will:

  • Brainstorm and find $100,000-$1,000,000+
  • Learn how to empower your people to work together, growing sales and profitability
  • Gain proven steps to creating teamwork, quality, communication and accountability

Would you trade one hour of your day for $1,000,000? Not a bad deal at all.

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